The Horse Trek

The highlight of mine and Alena’s time in Mongolia together came after our Mongolian Olle adventure: we went on a three day horse trek.

The horse trek began with Alena heading off to Stepperiders camp, to spend Thursday evening in a ger there. I stayed in UB to get some last minute work done, and joined her in the morning.

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about me!


My name is Mary Behan (that’s pronounced bee-in, get it!? behan abroad!). I’ve previously described myself as “a 60 year old cat lady who likes writing, disguised as a 24 year old getting lung cancer and/or heart disease in China.” This still stands as a fairly accurate description of my life between 2014 and 2017, when I lived in Chengdu, Sichuan for two years, and then in Shanghai for a third year.

Now, I’m throwing myself out into the wild, wild world (aka other parts of China and East Asia, and then who knows) while I avoid adulthood. It’ll be fun. Trust me.